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     If you’ve been thinking about reducing your dependence on tobacco or quitting smoking altogether, electronic cigarettes could help. The Vaporium has two stores conveniently located to serve people in places like Seattle, WA and Tacoma, WA, and we are a full service vapor store retailer that stocks supplies like e-cig juice and much more.

Helping You Be an Informed Buyer

Whether you’ve been using these smoking cessation products since they arrived on the market, or are simply doing some preliminary research prior to giving them a try, we’re ready to help you make a decision that could impact the rest of your life.

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Round Two Contest: Kill Bill

February 20, 2015

IT IS TIME FOR ROUND TWO OF KILL BILL. WHAT COULD YOU WIN IF YOU PARTICIPATE AND FOLLOW THE RULES? SEE BELOW… IT WILL BLOW YOUR MIND. Over 20 of your local vape shops and local manufacturers have come together and graciously donated raffle prizes to help sponsor ROUND TWO of KILL BILL; THE EMAIL CAMPAIGN. FACEBOOK CONTEST PRIZES AND PARTICIPATING SHOPS. Banzai Vapors - (1) 30 ML OF E-LIQUID A MONTH FOR A YEAR. (1 WINNER) Source Code - (1) 30 ML OF E-LIQUID A MONTH FOR A YEAR. (1 WINNER) The Vaporium - (1) 30 ML OF E-LIQUID A MONTH FOR A YEAR (4 WINNERS) Vapor Cafe - (1) 30ML OF E-LIQUID A MONTH FOR A YEAR (2...

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Call to Action

January 28, 2015

If sharing this post please copy and paste the text in the body.Thanks.PINK LUNG BRIGADE…. CHARGE!Washington State Vapers, the time has come to sound the battle cry. HB 1645 / SB 5573 IMPOSES A 95% TAX AND BANS ALL FLAVORS AND INTERNET SALES. These bills have been sponsored and we need to kill this bill. Your vape community needs you to make the calls. Here are the steps to take to have our voices heard. 1. Find your state legislative representatives. Use this link: Under the “District Type” option you’ll need to select the button for “Legislative”. Type in your address and click the “Find My District” button.2. Click on your State Senator and your 2 House Representatives to get...

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