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Washington State Vapers, the time has come to sound the battle cry. HB 1645 / SB 5573 IMPOSES A 95% TAX AND BANS ALL FLAVORS AND INTERNET SALES. These bills have been sponsored and we need to kill this bill. Your vape community needs you to make the calls. Here are the steps to take to have our voices heard.

1. Find your state legislative representatives. Use this link: Under the “District Type” option you’ll need to select the button for “Legislative”. Type in your address and click the “Find My District” button.
2. Click on your State Senator and your 2 House Representatives to get their telephone numbers.
3. Call each of your 3 representatives for your district and say something like this:

I am a voter in the (your district #) district and I strongly oppose the legislation put forth by either SB5573 (for your 1 Senator) or HB1645 (for your 2 Representatives). Explain, in short, how vaping has changed your life for the better.

When calling, please be kind and respectful. It will not help our fight or your message if there is any harsh and/or aggressive language used. Remember to state your name and your district.

We will be called as industry leaders to testify on behalf of the vape community very soon and will be empowered by a huge ground-swell of support from you! Strongly encourage as many people as you can to do the same non-smokers and vapers alike. Once you have made your calls, let us know by sharing your experience under this post and grabbing the PLB profile pic and updating your profile pic with the logo.