Electronic Cigarettes

Getting Started With Electronic Cigarettes

People in Tacoma, WA and Seattle, WA have joined others around the United States by choosing electronic cigarettes. They’re powered by batteries and deliver inhaled doses of nicotine. Flavor cartridges are also available. Because they emit water vapor, the gadgets are not offensive to non-smokers. 

How Do E-Cigarettes Work?

E-cigarettes rely on a battery that heats a burner. The burner vaporizes a solution that's made from ingredients like water, nicotine, and Propylene glycol, a substance commonly found in asthma inhalers. You can find nicotine that's as strong as 24mg, and if desired, gradually reduce your intake until you’re not consuming any at all.

Also, you can add a flavor that tastes like classic menthol, or experiment with a non-traditional option that's spicy or sweet. Although electronic cigarettes are not yet FDA-approved, the ingredients in them, except for nicotine, have been generally recognized as safe.

An Affordable Solution

In some states, traditional tobacco products cost as much as twelve dollars per pack. By smoking a pack a day, you could quickly end up spending hundreds of dollars per month. In contrast, the e-cigarettes starter kits we offer are priced from $30-$260, and the supplies cost only about $1.50 per day for a smoker who used to smoke a pack a day. Additionally, most devices come with rechargeable batteries and replacement parts.

Get Started Today

Electronic cigarettes give you a greater amount of personal freedom to change a habit. If you're trying to alter your habit, but aren't ready to give up the nicotine or feel of smoking, our devices offer a solution. Let us help you pick a system now. Our shops are conveniently located to assist people in Tacoma, WA Fife, WA Lakewood, WA and Seattle, WA.