The Vaporium's mission is really the same as it was the day the dream was born. We are here to help people make the switch to Electronic Cigarettes. It requires a lot more than just selling quality vape supplies, it even takes more than knowing your product inside and out; we at The Vaporium believe it takes knowing the heart of the smoker, the addiction, and having had traveled that road to success. To actually help someone switch and not just sell them a one-time kit that ends up in the drawer or glove box, takes patience, understanding and a passion for helping others. Since we established in 2010 we have serviced well over 20,000 customers, this success is attributed to our wide selection of over 150+ e-Juice flavors, vast selection in starter kits, and our ever growing advanced vapegeek section. Shop away or come on down and see the experts.

Your Satisfaction is Our Goal:
We understand you may have many questions, especially if you haven’t used e-cigarettes before. Let us help you make intelligent choices about which brands to try, whether you’re shopping for a new type of e-cig juice or are looking for a portable battery charger. We honor manufacturer’s warranties for electronic cigarettes and offer a 24-hour warranty on clearomizers, coils, and cartomizers, as long as the products do not have visible signs of abuse. If you’ve been using our products and want to tell someone how you’ve benefited from them, give us a call, send an e-mail, or fill out our electronic contact form. We look forward to hearing from you. Alternatively, stop into one of our shops. They are conveniently located for people who live in Tacoma, WA and Seattle, WA, and open seven days a week. Purchase e-liquid from us, along with a full selection of related supplies.