AW IMR Battery from THOV  buy from The Vaporium


Aw 14500: 600mAH

Aw 18350:700mAH

Aw 18490: 1100mAH

Aw 18650: 2000mAH


Cycle Life : > 500 cycles

Max. continuous discharge rate : 8C

Li-Ion Batteries, or Lithium Ion Batteries, have the advantages of having a very low self-discharge rate, virtually no memory effect, and can be recharged hundreds of times during the life of the battery. Self-discharge refers to gradual declining power available from rechargeable batteries while they sit on the shelf. Memory Effect refers to the tendency of rechargeable batteries to have a lower total level of power available as they get older. Neither of these are serious problems with Li-Ion batteries.

*Disclaimer* will not be held responsible for any misuse of above battery. If you have any questions about safe vaping on these batteries please contact us. We do not recommend using contact spacers, magnets, any odd modifications, or extremely low ohm builds.