Kanger DripBox 160w Kit

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Kanger dusts off the old squonker and reinvents the wheel. A squonker is a bottom liquid feeding rebuildable that eliminates the need to drip manually, simply squeeze your bottle and liquid is transferred through the 510 and onto your cotton! Once considered old tech, it is now the “latest and greatest”. Kanger has now re-released their very popular Drip Box; essentially “One Upping” their game. They bring us the Drip Box 160W. This BEAST of a device still features the ever-popular squonking mechanism; however, this squonker has been changed for optimal filling. The Drip box 160 has an additional 100w on top of the original; the new 160-watt capability will allow for a much hotter and more intense vaping experience. The Drip Box 160 also features a dual 18650 battery bay instead of the single, so you get more power and longer use out of your device. The Drip Box 160 has the same great features as the original; you have the option to either use prebuilt coils or build your own. For vapers that are stuck on dripping but are inconvenienced by it, squonking is your solution!