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The Twist Blister Kit by Hot Vapes is a great starter kit for you or anyone who may be unsure or just looking to try vaping out. It comes with a 650mah battery, a CE5 clearomizer, and a USB charger cord. Now all you need is a bottle of juice and BOOM, You are vaping! The Battery is a variable voltage battery and what that means is that you can adjust the voltage all the way up to 4.8V and all the way down to 3.3V. This gives you room to play around and find your preferred hit. So if you are unsure about vaping and want to give it a try we strongly suggest you pick up one of these blister kits! Or if you are looking to get into vaping but do not want to break the bank… We strongly recommend you pick up one of these kits! They make for a great gift to a friend as well as a great backup for you vapers on the go! So what are you waiting for!? Put down that nasty cigarette and buy your blister kit today!